The Impact Of Transformational Leadership On Employee Engagement Mediated By Organisational Citizenship Behaviour And Employee Culture A Systematic Literature Review

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Reetika Chaudhary , Dr Swati Sisodia


Employee engagement has become an essential component for corporate success and excellence in today's competitive business world. Transformational Leaders encourage greater participation in the work as a result of their subordinates, leading in increased efficiency and, total employee satisfaction improves. For any organization's success, both leadership and engagement are important. Employee engagement is one of the most studied topics and so is Leadership. However, together their relationship has not been explored much specially with respect to mediating effect of culture and OCB. This review paper aims to improve our understanding of the relationship between transformational leadership style and Employee involvement with mediating effect of culture and OCB by doing a systematic literature review. 34 articles were selected for examination following careful screening through databases like Google Scholar, EBSCO Host, and J Gate. Key terms and empirical studies were inclusion criteria, and using a research publication from the year 2000 as the exclusion criteria. The researchers have also noted the study's constraints and potential future research areas. The findings emphasised the need for additional research into how all of these variables interact in aviation and other industries.

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