Effect Of Chatbots In Digital Marketing To Perceive The Consumer Behaviour

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Bakhytzhan Omarov , Abay Tursynbayev , Gulnar Zhakypbekova , Gulbakhram Beissenova


This study will provide a summary of the Artificial Intelligence strategies used for marketing service sector. Focusing on the use of chatbots in digital marketing communications, this study will investigate the influence of these techniques on consumer behaviour. In addition, this study investigates the effectiveness of the adaption of chatbots in creating a desire to purchase. Supported by relevant literature a timely approach to digital marketing communication and diversity over the years will be presented. This study will also examine consumer acceptance of [AI (Artificial Intelligence)] chatbots in digital marketing communications. The importance of this research is to incorporate research into new Artificial Intelligence methods used by marketers and provide an overview of new marketing ideas and methods. The outcomes of this research will help companies understand how their target groups perceive the adoption of chatbots in marketing communications and how they influence the consumer buying behaviour. In addition, this research will help advertisers reach out to their participants and attract new ones using state-of-the-art technology

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