The Practicality Of Intercultural Learning Materials For Drama Subject

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Eripuddin , Jufrizal , Agustina


Intercultural learning materials are essential for understanding the different cultures in classroom activities. This study investigates the Practicality of intercultural learning materials for Drama subjects. This study aims to find out and examine the intercultural learning materials in the form of the handout for the teaching and learning drama of sixth-semester students of the English Study Program at Pasir Pengaraian University. This research was descriptive and quantitative. The sample of this research was obtained by total sampling. They were 29 students and four lecturers in the English Department. The instruments for collecting data were questionnaires using the Likert scale. The data from the questionnaire are described and analyzed based on the frequency of such sub-indicators performed at the handout component; content, language, presentation, and graphic. The data are described and analyzed using a formula to see the percentage of each questionnaire item. The result of this study shows that the intercultural learning materials were practical. It means that the intercultural learning materials are available to implement for drama subjects. These learning materials are expected to solve the lecturers' and students' problems in understanding language and culture in a multicultural context in teaching and learning.

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