Drivers Of The Acceptance Of COVID-19 Vaccines In Jordan: The Moderating Role Of A Pre-Existing Health Condition

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Leila A. Rawashdeh (corresponding author) , Ala'eddin M. Ahmad


This research investigates the drivers influencing the acceptance of COVID-19 vaccination in Jordan. Similarly, it aims to examine the moderating role of pre-existing health conditions. The research’s independent variables are Importance and Quality of vaccine, while the dependent variable is represented by Potential  Acceptance of COVID-19 vaccination. A quantitative method used a cross-sectional online research questionnaire to collect primary data. A sample of (N=2084) respondents, who follow social media platforms, were selected. Therefore, a stratified simple random method was used in this research. The result shows a positive influence of importance and quality on the acceptance of COVID-19 vaccination. The research confirmed a high rate of acceptance during the pandemic period. The most prominent factors that drove the citizens to take the vaccine were improved control over the spread of disease, in addition to improved health benefits, especially for the individuals with chronic diseases.  Other factors that drove citizens to take the vaccine were positive recommendations by family, friends, and/or colleagues. side-effects, country of origin of the vaccine, efficacy, safety, and duration of protection of the vaccine. In conclusion, this research reflected the positive role of the perceived importance and the quality of a vaccine on perceived acceptance of COVID-19 vaccination among the Jordanian people.

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