Examining The Relationship Between Need For Success And Independence Towards The Entrepreneurial Intentions Among Universities Students

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Azahari Jamaludin , Muhammad Omar , Mohd Farid Shamsudin , Muhammad Nazmul Hoque , Raemah Abdullah Hashim


The university needs to play a role as a tertiary institution providing good entrepreneurial facilities and infrastructure to produce more entrepreneurs (Shah & Soomro, 2017). By identifying the program's appropriate type and content, the university can enhance the existing entrepreneurial development modules to make them more attractive and attract more students to participate. The aim of this  study is to identify entrepreneurial programs and activities for the university to encourage students' interest in starting a business. The study used stratified sampling to approach target respondents and test the path coefficient results. Structured questionnaires were distributed among the final year students in the UniKL business school, and received 403 responses for data analysis. The findings revealed that the need for success greatly influences entrepreneurial intention. The desire to succeed in life gives one a high motivation and enthusiasm to force them to act towards the goals they desire. Better performance is always led by a high need for achievement, which is one likely to be intrinsically motivated to strive for excellence. The study provides new insights into students’ entrepreneurial development modules. This knowledge could assist to make them more attractive and attract more students to participate and encourage them to produce more  enterpruneures with others where best to target business attention with limited resources.    

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