Impact Of Performance Appraisal Outcomes On Employee's Organizational Commitment And Job Satisfaction

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Maqbolah Alhakeem , Sayeeduzzafar Qazi


The present study assesses the impact of performance appraisal outcome on organizational obligation as well as work contentment for employees working in the service sector in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. After an extensive literature review, a data sample of 107 employees from various  service sector organizations were collected through a structured questionnaire. Suitable statistical tools were used using  SPSS to achieve the research objectives. It was found that performance appraisal outcomes impact both organizational obligation as well as work commitment among the  employees working in. Organizational commitment were found to be moderate but job satisfaction were found to be high. The research also explores the variable using various demographic characteristics.This study adds to the performance management literature and provides managerial implications that will help in increasing organizational commitment and job satisfaction for the employees.

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