Local Government Control And Supervision

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Rosmery Elsye


Government policies to support the implementation of government administration, development and public services, have been established, in the era of regional autonomy, the granting of authority given to local governments, of course, provides logical consequences on the aspect of accountable accountability, but what happens is that there are still elements local government ranks who make deviations that have an impact on legal problems,  for that the author is interested in writing in a scientific journal entitled Regional Government Control and Supervision Policy, this paper uses a descriptive qualitative method with data obtained from secondary data, namely data from a literature review. Documents and regulations related to the control and supervision policies of local government with descriptive analysis. The results and conclusions are that the government in the aspect of supervision has issued several policy regulations related to aspects of supervision carried out by the functional supervisory apparatus both internally and externally, but until now there are still implementing elements in the ranks of local government who are negligent and make deviations in the implementation. Implementation of regional government operations, both from the aspect of governance, development and services to the community. And there are indications of legal problems, even some local government officials who were caught red-handed by the KPK due to the sale and purchase of positions, bribery cases, irregularities in the procurement of goods and services.

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