Mathematical Thinking Process On Numeracy Literacy Problems For Middle School Students

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Ferry Ferdianto , Yohanes Leonardus Sukestiyarno , Widowati , Iwan Junaedi


Mathematical thinking is closely related to the ability to solve problems in everyday life. For this reason, it is important that mathematical thinking skills are placed as a learning goal and at the same time as a way of learning mathematics. The purpose of this study was to determine the characteristics of the mathematical thinking process at each level of mathematical thinking ability. This study uses a qualitative research design by first carrying out a mathematical thinking test using numeracy literacy questions to see errors made by students, followed by interviews to find out students' mathematical thinking processes. Based on the results of students' Mathematical Thinking ability, we can analyze three categories, namely high, medium, and low. The results of the study show as follows, subjects with high mathematical thinking abilities tend to carry out the entire Mathematical Thinking process, subjects with medium mathematical thinking abilities tend not to carry out the Convincing process. Meanwhile, subjects with low mathematical thinking abilities tend not to carry out the Convincing, Generalizing process. Another aspect found in this research is that by studying the mathematical thinking profile, students are better prepared to face math problems by looking at their abilities.

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