Effect Of Benson Relaxation Technique On Reducing Pain And Stress Among Post Cesarean Section Mothers

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Shaimaa Hassan Mohamady, Somaya Ouda Abd Elmoniem, Ola Abdel-Wahab Afifi Araby, Samah Ramadan Elrefaeys, Shaimaa Mohamed Nageeb


Context: Cesarean section patients were experienced discomfort and worry. Benson’s relaxation technique is a good strategy to alleviate pain and stress. Mothers are the major symptoms that influence comfort and well-being. Aim:  The study aimed to see how Benson’s relaxation technique effectively decreased pain and tension in post-cesarean section mothers.

Design: It was decided to utilize a quasi-experimental design. The study was performed at Benha University Hospitals’ post-partum recovery unit in the obstetrics and gynecology department.

Sample: A total of 170 moms were chosen at random and split into two equivalent groups: study and control.

Tools: For data collecting, three main tools were used. The visual analog scale for pain, and the perceived stress scale were used in a structured interviewing questionnaire.

 Results:   Following the application of Benson’s relaxation technique, the two groups had statistically significant differences in their pain intensity and perceived stress scale ratings. Meanwhile, no statistically significant difference in pain intensity or perceived stress scale ratings existed between the study and control groups before administering Benson’s relaxing approach.

Conclusion: Benson’s relaxation technique was shown to be useful in decreasing pain levels in post-cesarean section moms in study groups, who also lowered their stress levels.

Recommendation:  To further generalize the results, a similar study utilizing a large representative probability sampling technique is highly recommended in various maternity facilities.

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