Perceptions Of School Heads Regarding Learning Environment At Secondary Level In Pakistan

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Aftab Ahmad , Mudassir Hussain , Mati Ullah , Irfan Ullah Khan , Shafqat Ullah , Hashim Ali


A learning environment Means an environment where students are physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally safe and satisfied by utilizing the required resources during the learning process. The population of the study comprised all public and private Secondary Schools in district Lakki Marwat while the target population of the study consisted of all School heads, teachers, and 10th Class boys. The number of (n = 71 public and 63 private school heads along with 395 public and 220 private school teachers as well as 2658 public and 2029 private school 10th class boys) were taken as samples of the study through a simple random sampling technique. Data were gathered via separate self-developed questionnaires on a 5-Points Likert scale with options Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree. The key purpose of the study was to compare perceptions of Public and Private Secondary School heads regarding the learning environment in Pakistan. The study was delimited to Lakki Marwat. The gathered data were statistically analyzed through SPSS by using t-test and One Way ANOVA to compare the two categories of institutions (Public and Private Secondary schools), and the responses of School Heads, Teachers, and students. The Results and conclusions were drawn regarding the perceptions of public and private secondary school heads by narrating that public schools had attractive buildings, adequate classrooms, and teaching equipment whereas private schools had attractive furniture, etc.  Recommendations were suggested regarding further improvement of the learning environment in schools to compete in the modern world.

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