Psychological And Ecofeminist Analyses Of Select Poetry Of Mamang Dai, Sarojini Naidu And Meena Kandasamy

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Sneha Das , Dr. Zeeshan Ali


Since the primeval stretch of time women seems to have established an inherent relationship with nature resulting in the development of literary approaches such as ecocriticism, ecofeminism and ecomysticism. These literary approaches points towards the facts how the human culture is connected to the natural world with an intense underlying interaction between them. An exploration of the vibrant, colourful and mesmerizing ecology of the North-East and South India can be made by probing deep into the literature produced by the writers of different states of these two different regions of India. This paper thus, aims to critically analyse a few selected poems select women poets belonging to both North-Eastern and Southern India like Mamang Dai, Sarojini Naidu and Meena Kandasamy through the lens of ecocriticism to re-read their psychological connectedness with nature and compare the environmentalist essence of the poetry of the two diverse regions of India. The paper also desires to highlight and study the various tenets of ecocriticism like ecomysticism and ecofeminism while re-reading the selected poetry of the aforementioned poets of the North-East as well as South India to convey how the women’s psychological perception of nature has helped them to liberate both nature and themselves from the long-built shackles of exploitation.

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