Evaluation Of Ideology Of Pancasila Development Program For Millennial Generation

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Abdul Wahab Samad , Zahera Mega Utama


The purpose of this research is to evaluate the values of ideology Pancasila ​​development program for millennial generation with a discrepancy evaluation model method that measures the achievements of the ideology of Pancasila ​​development program for millennial generation and targets that have been prepared previously. Achievements are measured by evaluating the design, installations, process, and implementation in the development program of the ideology of Pancasila values ​​ on the use of social media for the millennial generation.

The results of this study indicate that the ideology of Pancasila ​​development program for millennials has not achieve the target of the program as the standard that it should be so that there is still a need to continue on the improvement of the ideology of Pancasia ​​development program for millennials generation in the future.

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