Covid - 19 Media And The Issues Posed By The Covid - 19 Communication Policy

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Dao Van Nguyen


Communication work since the COVID-19 pandemic appeared in Vietnam so far has contributed to creating social consensus, building people's trust, and arousing the strength of national unity, love, and respect. The country and the media contribute to spreading positive energy in society to join hands in the successful fight against the pandemic. The media and press not only reflect timely and bring the Party's guidelines and guidelines, policies, and laws of the State into life, but also serve as a reliable information channel for the people to “send” their thoughts and wishes. hope, their “weapon” of supervision over the Party and the State. In the face of the strong outbreak of the fourth wave of the epidemic, the media once again made great efforts to perform their duties well. This study clearly shows the current state of communication during the pandemic, and the communication policies of Vietnam, thereby making some recommendations for the communication policy during the COVID-19 pandemic in the coming time.

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