The Role Of Management In Microfinance Institutions In Kosovo - Case Study Dukagjini Region

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Prof.Ass. Enver Daci, Besnik Zekaj


The main purpose of this scientific paper is to identify and test some of the factors that affect the proper management of microfinance institutions in Kosovo. The management of Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) in the modern economy is very important and for this reason, special attention is paid, as the results of MFIs depend on the way they are managed and on the performance they have. The analysis period in this study includes the time from 2014 to 2019, while the source of data was: AMIK, CBK, and KSA. For the realization of this scientific study, we have used a comprehensive methodology, which includes the narrative method, the method of analysis, as well as the econometric method, through the multivariate regression model. In the framework of this paper, importance has been paid to staff empowerment and capacity building, which we have addressed as an important factor in achieving the success of MFIs. The results of the study clearly show that the empowerment of staff's staff has a positive impact on the achievement of results and the success of MFIs because it helps staff make more flexible decisions.

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