The Impact Of Employee Interactions On Customer Satisfaction In Cruise Services

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Azahari Jamaludin , Anis Abd Razak , Nor Balkish Zakaria


This study aims to examine the link between customer satisfaction and the perceptions of emotions, role perceptions, perceived control, and customer types. Depending on the context and type of product or service provided, factors including emotions, role perceptions, sense of control, and customer categories play a role in determining whether or not a customer is satisfied through their whole experience. When it comes to cruise services, customer pleasure and contact are critical. One hundred and fifty volunteers answered the survey questions willingly. All cruise passengers in Indonesia were asked to fill out a questionnaire. According to the findings, customer satisfaction with cruise services can be summed up in only two variables. When it comes to consumer pleasure, the role of emotions and a sense of control cannot be understated. As a result of these results, operators of service-based businesses should focus on improving their customer service. Unlike other studies, this study focuses solely on consumer interactions with cruise ships. Workers must be prepared and well-trained to deal with a wide range of customers. A wide range of people uses cruise ships for varied reasons. The findings revealed that emotions and perceived control are highly influenced customer satisfaction. It may be difficult to fulfil the demands and wishes of customers over a short period of engagement if this isn't addressed from the beginning.

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