Emotional Intelligence Among The Indian Youth Migrants During Digital Age: A Covid Pandemic Study

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Dr. Well Haorei , Dr. H Samuel Thavaraj , Dr. S V Akilandeeswari , Dr. Naushad J. A , Ernest Johnson


COVID epidemic has altered global patterns of human movement, accelerating technological and digital transformations that need individuals and systems to respond to changes in how we live quickly. Using an online structured questionnaire from 187 youth migrants from various parts of the northeast states of India through digital platforms, this study investigated how youth migrants from northeast India perceive their emotional stability during COVID and their ability to adapt. The questionnaire included demographic characteristics and a validated scale to measure emotional intelligence. The findings demonstrated that their emotional intelligence impacted adaptive behaviour, including managing relationships with digital technology, selfless conduct, and emotional stability. The results should be used to develop plans to improve emotional intelligence and adaptability in the pandemic context and beyond.

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