The Unwanted Recipients: Afghan Refugees’ Destitution, Socio-Psychological Imbalances And Criminality: A Thematic Analysis

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Dr. Jamil Khan , Dr. Waseem Khan , Mr. Muhammad Humayun , Prof. Dr. Arab Naz


Migration and Criminality are universal realities existing since distant past, going side-by-side, influencing each other, and producing an atmosphere of uncertainty and apathy. Refugees are most likely dealt with absurdity in the receiving societies, which create distance between the “newcomers” and natives. The present study is an attempt to address the phenomenon of crimes and criminality under the ever-existing concept of migration. The study is framed under qualitative research design following the 6-Step Thematic Analysis Model of Braun and Clarke (2006). The study finds an obvious connection between criminality and migration as overlapping and interdependent concepts. It is believed that the increase in any of the phenomenon, gives hype to the other. Less access to employment and livelihood along-with vulnerability of the domestic workers are among the patterns that are produced because of the Afghanis’ status of refugees which in turn compel them to indulge in illegalities and criminalities.

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