Tidal Influence On Saltwater Intrusion In A Coastal Aquifer System

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Athira B. , Sindhu G.


The quality and quantity of groundwater has been found to deteriorate in many areas of the world due to various human activities and natural causes. Saltwater intrusion is the movement of saline water into freshwater aquifers. In this study four types of experiments were done to know the effect of tide and pumping on saltwater intrusion into a coastal aquifer system. Experiments were conducted in a sand flume, which consists of three compartments. Two reservoirs at both ends containing freshwater and saltwater, representing the landward and seaward boundary, respectively. A middle compartment packed with quartz sand to simulate an unconfined coastal aquifer. A numerical verification of those experiments was done using FEFLOW. The study revealed that the combined effect of both tide and pumping severely affects the aquifer system by saltwater intrusion.

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