Contribution Of Modern Science On Emanationisme Based On Islamic Education Philosophical Perspective

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Muhammadong , Sudirman Burhanuddin , Yasriuddin , Khaerunnisa


The theory of emanation wants to prove the existence of the oneness of God in order to avoid polytheism because the existence of what exists is an emanation from God. The concept developed in philosophy is that nature which is taaddud, is not associated with the manifestation of God as in the manifestation of matter. For Muslim philosophers, the qadim of God does not follow the qadim of nature because it is considered new. Even if it is considered a qadim, this nature is the emanation of reason or mumkinul maujud, which Al-Farabi developed because God is not a species. The emanation developed by Muslim philosophy is oriented towards creation ex nihilo that everything that exists is manifested from that which exists only that its radiance cannot be compared to light and its rays. Modern science is human dependence on the fulfillment of desires, of course, it will give birth to attitude to form a godly character that can respond to contemporary phenomena to establish the belief that something exists because some hold things that are not qadim like God's qadim.

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