The Psychological Development Of The Early Childhood Language In Sultanate Of Oman

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Dr. Esam Al Lawati , Dr. Fatema Al Mukhaini


The current study dealt with the linguistic development of children, as linguistic development is one of the very important aspects throughout the different stages of human life, because of its effects on various aspects of development such as social, psychological, physical and other developmental aspects.

The current research targeted children in kindergarten, where the total of the targeted children reached 50 children, 12 males and 32 females, and in order to know the extent of their linguistic development, the tool of kindergarten teachers who teach children was applied and 8 hold a diploma certification, meanwhile 4 of them are holding Bachelor certification.

The study objectives were to investigate measuring the linguistic development of children; therefore, the research asked several questions which are related to the objective of the research: What is the level of peer influence on children's language development? What are the influences of interaction between teachers and children on their language development? Is there a difference between urban and rural children in terms of vocabulary and correct or proper pronunciation?

The findings of current research concluded that amid preschool for a long time, sentence designs ended up progressively complex and the lexicon expands to incorporate social terms that express ideas of the estimate, area, amount and time. moreover, the investigation discoveries have concluded that by the age of preschool, most children have obtained the fundamental linguistic use of the sentence and the preschool arrangement encompasses a critical part in creating and progressing the dialect of the children through children connected and interacting with their colleagues and instructors in addition to the positive impact of the environment in which the child grows up, play a tangible and effective role in language development. The results of the study concluded that there are no statistically significant differences with regard to the teacher's years of experience while teaching and following-up children in kindergarten.

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