The Effectiveness Of Jean Piaget's Cognitive Theory On The Cognitive Abilities Of Students In Indonesia

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Kardoyo, Lola Kurnia Pitaloka


Cognitive ability is one of the important learning abilities because it is related to the level of understanding of students in lectures. Theories about cognitive abilities are put forward by many experts. This research takes two aspects, namely social interaction and experience, which Jean Piaget initiated in his theory with the aim of seeing its effectiveness in the cognitive development of students. This research is exploratory quantitative research so in this study hopes to explore and find more in-depth facts. The population taken in this study were students of the Faculty of Economics, Universitas Negeri Semarang who were sampled using the slovin formula of 351. Sampling using stratified random sampling techniques using questionnaires as a tool for data collection and analyzed using SEM. The sample of this study met (1) gender; (2) school origin; (3) activities followed. So that the sample can construct research variables. The result of this study is that social interaction and experience have a significant effect on students' cognitive abilities. The significance of social interaction variables was weak in the study. This is due to the post-pandemic phenomenon where the level of student individualism is very high. So that in learning, students no longer need social interaction too much, but can learn by themselves for the construction of their knowledge.

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