Paradigm Shift From Brick To Click Environment Due To Covid-19 Pandemic: High School Teachers’ Attitudinal Judgement

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Kalyan Chowdhury , Prof. (Dr.) Bhim Chandra Mondal


An attempt has been made in this study to assess the attitude towards online modes of teaching of high school teachers amidst COVID-19 pandemic in educationally and economically backward district ‘Jangal Mahal’ Purulia, West Bengal, through a Likert-type five-point attitude scale developed and standardized by the researchers with Cronbach alpha 0.89. ‘t’-test, ANOVA and Duncan multiple range test were employed to analyze the data collected from 312 randomly selected teachers through Google form. Results revealed that 83.97% of teachers showed favourable attitude towards the virtual platforms. Attitude of teachers with respect to gender, marital status and subject taught did not vary significantly but significant differences were found in the attitude scores with respect to residential background, academic qualification, age group and teaching experience. Findings of this study may produce a strong foundation for the smooth propagation of teaching-learning activities in the educational crisis created by the pandemic ambience.

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