Model Effectiveness Flipped Project Based Learning On Hair Cutting Courses

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Vivi Efrianova , Ambiyar , Syahril , Ganefri , Agusti Efi , Kasmita


This research is motivated by the learning process of Hair Trimming which tends to be still teacher center oriented so that it becomes monotonous and boring. This causes the motivation and student learning outcomes to be not optimal. This study aims to develop a Flipped Project Based Learning (FPjBL) Learning Model in Hair Trimming Course in Vocational Education, D4 Study Program in Makeup and Beauty Education that is valid, practical, and effective. Procedure Development of this research using ADDIE (analyze, design, develop, implement and evaluate). This study resulted in the Flipped Project Based Learning (FPjBL) model having proven effectiveness so that it is suitable for use in Hair Trimming Courses. The eight syntaxes of the Flipped Project Based Learning (FPjBL) model produced are (1). Learning orientation, (2). Access Material-Based Multimedia, (3). Assigment Project, (4) Discuss to design project, (5) Implementation of the project, (6) Test of the results, (7) Improve project result, (8) Evaluation. Based on the findings, it can be concluded that a valid and effective FPjBL model can be an alternative recommendation to optimize face-to-face and online learning that can improve 4C competencies, soft skills, psychomotor and student learning outcomes.

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