Description Of Tantric And Vedantic Principles In Terms Of Modern Physics

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Rajeev Rajendran , Narayanan Kuthirummal


The total energy of the brahmanda or cosmos is zero. The brahmanda as such can be divided into equal positive and negative energies. Here, the boundary or uncertainty aspects of real-time and spatial dimension are analyzed with reference to chakras or no-boundary phenomena. The function of dark energy is the division of brahmanda, separating positive and negative energies. In the Zodiac-signs, the formation of composite structures (atoms, molecules, and body) is created within the realm of uncertainty principle. Any unbalance due to deficit of energy causes real-time uncertainty. In the Rashi-chakra, the adha-prana effect (gluon action on photon) or spinor-field effect is the effect of electromagnetic energy on positive energy. The adha-prana forms spinor-field or karma and that counteract and balances the dark energy tensor fields. In the higher dimensional energy realms, the deficit of positive energy experience vacuums due to balancing of dark energy tensor effect with light energy spinors. The Sri-chakra has spaces that function both in Zodiac-signs and Rashi-chakra. The Sri-chakra is operating in the region of boundary (dimension following Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle) as well as no-boundary (beyond uncertainty principle). Brahmanda has different universes with a group of imaginary-times, called Kamakala-chakras (the spinor fields that balance the Euclidian dimensional tensor fields) and as per Tantra-shastra there are sixty-four main Kamakala-chakras. The brahmanda is operated by the unmanifested cosmic energy principle such as Vishnu-tattva (Shakti-tattva or Prakriti) and manifested principle, Shiva-tattva (Purusha or space-time). The space-time is made boundary or no-boundary by the un-manifested cosmic energy (Prakriti). Boundary cosmos is made into no-boundary cosmos by the un-manifested cosmic energy. For example, the asymptotic freedom experienced by the quarks. The Sri-chakra is basically the dark energy and light energy action that proceeds from higher energy imaginary-time to lower energy imaginary-time. The above reverses at the higher level of Sri-chakra, that is evolution of brahmanda over time or formation of CPT symmetry, and the evolution is from real-time to imaginary-time. The research attempted here is an exploratory research based on discussions made with Tantric saints that find parallels with Modern Physics.  

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