Boarding School’s Integral Education Curriculum In Secondary School

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Jaedi , Saeful Anwar , Hasbi Indra , Abas Mansur Tamam


This study aims to determine the integral educational curriculum initiated by Muhammad Abduh and the curriculum implemented by SMPIT al-Multazam Kuningan and can analyze the two curricula. The method used in this study is library research by tracing data sources from various readings, both primary and secondary, then analyzed using content analysis (countent analysis), which is descriptive analytics. The results of the research that the author found were the integral education curriculum at the first level of the school level (SMP), Muhammad Abduh's concept of an integral education curriculum, namely combining general science or science with religious science. The method conveyed in his learning with memorization method, discussion method, question and answer method, darmawisata method, practice and simulation method and exemplary method. The implementation of the integral educational curriculum of SMPIT al-Multazam is an integrated curriculum between the government curriculum and the pesantren curriculum.

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