Economy And Ritual Obeisance In A Fishing Community Of North East India

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Chandana Sarma , K. R. Rama Mohan


Ethnographers are currently interested in rediscovering rituals and its associated practices within the larger framework of Indigenous studies across societies.As there is limited and informal understanding of local patterns of worship among fishing communties,the study particularly encaspulates an inland fishing community of Kaibartas in Assam.The phenomenon of  ritual practices by the fishing community towards fish ethology and conservation of the existing natural resources in north east India is investigated in this paper. The inextricably intertwined aspects and the long lasting constructive dependence of fishing resources with a symboitic relationship by performing rituals are the critical components for integration with their  ecology is unravelled in the study. Faith associated with rituals was supposed to protect and procure plenteous catch in uncertain environments. The paper seeks to question how rituals are believed to help in naviagting the uncertainties of their habitat, thereby ensuring desired accomplishments in their fishing activities and fostering group solidarity and well-being among the Kaibarta fishers.

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