The State Of Supervisory Support In Private And Government Preschools Education In Ethiopia: Comparative Study

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Biniyam Gebereyes & Dr. Mulatu Dea Lerra


This study was aimed at assessing and examining supervisors support practices of private and government pre-schools in Addis Ababa for comparative purposes. A mixed method research was employed to collect data through questionnaire (from 150 respondents), semi-structured interview (from 20 participants), and observationalso made. Both descriptive and inferential analyses were employed including percentages, means, standard deviation, t-test and ANOVA to analyze the data collected. Results unveiled thatSupervisory support provided to preschools was better in private pre-schools than government preschool, butthe supervisor supports rendered to the preschools were neither professional nor adequate it rather for inspection.Hence, the research concluded that the practices were less effective and the supervisory support practice in both types of pre-schools needs to be reexamined according to the policy framework of Ethiopia.

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