Psychological Objectives In Sharia Marriage Provisions

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Rafiq Assad Mohamed Redwan , Esam Sobhi Saleh Shrair


This study deals with the shows of the most important psychological objectives of the legal marriage provisions; by elaborating the meaning of the psychological objectives, and their ranks from the Islamic law objectives, then showing the most important psychological purposes that marriage provisions sought to achieve. This study adopted the descriptive, analytical and inductive approach, by describing the psychological objectives and the objectives of Sharia and extrapolating the Sharia texts and then analyzing them, to reach the fundamental sources of the psychological objectives of the legal marriage provisions. the study concluded a set of results, the most important of which are: That the psychological objectives are the goals intended by the Islamic Sharia behind the provisions of marriage; care for humans themselves and their feelings and instincts”, the legal marriage provisions have come up with many psychological objectives, the most important of which are: Save and sustain human race, fulfill the maternal instinct, feelings of kindness and tenderness in which complete humans’ nature. Also, to immunize men and women. Also, the legal provisions of marriage by achieving assurance, affection and family stability, achieving communication and social cohesion, strengthening its causes and ties, and developing a sense of responsibility and carrying out its bearing.

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