Pet Adoption App To Free Animal Shelters

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Bell S. Campanilla , Jonathan O. Etcuban , Angelbert P. Maghanoy , Pet Andrew P. Nacua , Narcisan S. Galamiton


Adopting a pet from a shelter helps to save more than one life. By adopting, people help free up space in the shelter, giving more space to rescue more animals. Adopting an animal means people are getting a pet that has received appropriate medical care. This study aimed to develop a web and mobile-based application that allows animal shelters and pet owners to post animals for adoption. Using the system will help them look for potential adopters who can pass the requirements for adoption. The study utilized the descriptive developmental type of research and administered two sets of the survey questionnaire. The respondents were the animal shelters, pet owners, and adopters in Cebu City, Philippines. Frequency, simple percentage, and weighted mean were used to treat the collected data. The study revealed that the system users are very satisfied with using the application. Also, they agreed that the system was very capable and very accessible to use in adopting pets. The researchers strongly recommend conducting the study on a larger scale to strengthen the preliminary findings.

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