What Causes Behavioral Intention In Online Food Delivery Service Of Southern Thailand?

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Hadear Hayeebanung , Wanamina Bostan Ali , Long Kim


A primary objective of this research was to investigate influences of service quality, attitude and convenience motivation on Behavioral Intention in Online Food Delivery (OFD) Service Industry. To fulfill this objective, researchers distributed self-administered questionnaires to survey 385 respondents in Southern Thailand. Then, the researchers employed path analysis method to analyze the data. Results of this study revealed that service quality and convenience motivation significantly influenced attitude of OFD service. Last but not least, behavioral intention was significantly influenced by service quality, attitude of OFD and convenience motivation. In the light this research, the results highlighted service quality and attitude of OFD as two major predictors of behavioral intention in OFD service of Southern Thailand (e.g., Yala, Pattani and Narathiwat provinces) since these factors contributed huge impacts on customers’ behavioral intention. 

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