Research Potential And Outlook For Renewal Energy Development In Vietnam

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Vu Ngoc LUAN , Dao Hong VAN , Nguyen Duc DUONG


Energy supply to meet the needs of socio-economic development is and will face many problems and challenges, especially the gradual depletion of domestic fossil fuel resources, volatile oil prices, as well as such as the impacts of climate change on security and safety in energy supply... Therefore, gradually diversifying energy supply, power source based on renewable energy sources that Vietnam has potential , especially biomass, wind, and solar energy sources... are considered as one of the solutions for sustainable development. In recent years, Vietnam is one of the dynamic developing economies, with a relatively high development rate compared to other countries in the region and the world. The energy sector plays a key role in promoting the country's socio-economic development. However, the energy development process has revealed weaknesses and inadequacies in the supply and use of energy, especially inefficient and wasteful use of electricity.

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