Developing E-Commerce In Vietnam

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Nguyen Tien Minh , Nguyen Thi Thu Ha , Nguyen Duc Duong


Experiencing the Covid-19 pandemic, people's shopping trends have changed quite drastically. In Vietnam, e-commerce is a growing trend along with the traditional market. The e-commerce market in Vietnam is growing rapidly and attracting many investment sources. The research analyzes the potential and limits the challenges of the e-commerce market in Vietnam. The study pointed out that several major obstacles remain unchanged, including low consumer confidence when shopping online, online payment is not popular, and delivery and fulfillment services are not yet available to keep up with demand. Besides, cross-border e-commerce and omnichannel selling are emerging rapidly. In addition, there are large differences between localities in terms of technology infrastructure and income. This also creates a huge gap in local e-commerce metrics. Therefore, the study has proposed some solutions to improve the competitiveness and development of e-commerce in Vietnam.

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