“Wngkham Wngkhri Gelenai: A Traditional Children’s Game Of The Bodos Under Chirang District In Assam”

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Mwina Basumatary1 , Prof. Indira Boro2 and Dr. Bijit Brahma3


Playing games is one of the integral parts of Bodo culture. Since ages, the people have been playing various games for entertainment and balance mental health. In the same way, the Bodos also played different games corresponding to other tribes or communities. Wngkham Wngkhri game is a children’s game, played in open space by forming a group. This children’s game represents various aspects of Bodo society, economy, culture and religion involving history, livelihood, work culture, food habit, music instruments, dance, songs, law, customs, beliefs, dressing, marketing and conducting markets.    At present, such game is mostly seen in the remote Bodo dominated villages. The influence of modern technological gadget had prompted punitive impact on the traditional children’s game of the Bodos, which is a serious matter of great concern for its preservation and promotion.

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