The Contribution Of Antecedent Variables In Encouraging Teacher Creativity During The Covid-19 Pandemic

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Irfan Irfan , Hasmin Tamsah , Hasbi Hasbi


This paper departs from the phenomenon where there are still many teachers whose creativity is still quite low, especially in teaching and learning activities. On the other hand, creativity is one of the important aspects that teachers must do when carrying out teaching and learning activities in schools so that the learning process is more optimal. The problem of teacher creativity is interesting to study because the school has tried to encourage creativity in learning, including some principals who are increasingly intense in supervising teachers. On the other hand, several schools give awards to creative teachers, as well as various ways that have been done to improve teacher creativity. However, this creativity problem is not easy to solve. Therefore, this paper tries to raise the various determinants affecting teachers' creativity in schools. Based on the existing problems, the authors attempt to elaborate and analyze the contribution of trainer quality, training effectiveness, and teacher quality as antecedent variables in encouraging the improvement of teaching creativity.

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