A Review On Employees Emotional Intelligence At The Workplace

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Dr. Sharfras Navas , Dr. M. Vijayakumar , Najmudeen Sulthan


Goal: This paper aims to analyze to which extend the emotional intelligence (EI) may play a major role in employees' emotional experiences at work.

Design / Methodology / Approach: This study conducts a systematic literature review and 342 results were retrieved, of which 52 were selected for the analysis. The results containing emotional intelligence at workplace and the productivity after bringing emotional intelligence (EI) to the workplace.

Results: The analysis provides an overview of the "super salespeople" who had an incredible capacity to discern what consumers cared about and build a trusting relationship with them. This study finds that business leaders realised how important these "emotionally intelligent" individuals are to a company's success as emotional intelligence is crucial in the workplace. While cognitive talents are thought to help people find jobs, emotional intelligence is seen to help people advance in their careers. It is seen to be twice as valuable as analytical and technical skills in the job.

Limitations of the investigation: The systematic literature review is restricted to the Elsevier SCOPUS database. SCOPUS has excellent coverage regarding relevant journals for this study. Despite SCOPUS being a prominent scientific database, other databases might reveal additional studies and further insights.

Practical implications: The findings of this study provide insights on how emotionally intelligent" individuals are to a company's success

Originality / Value: In recent years, emotional intelligence (EI) has seen a growing interest by scholars. To the best of the authors' knowledge, the number of published literature reviews on Emotional Intelligence (EI) is scarce. This study provides an overview of how emotional intelligence help business at workplace.

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