Determinants Of Resilience Among University Students: Moderating Role Of Perceived Supportiveness Of Work-Life Culture

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Komal Hassan , Shama Sadaf , Ayesha Saeed , Nimra Aziz


This paper aims to identify determinants of resilience among university students and further extends the literature on resilience by testing moderating role of perceived supportiveness of work-life culture between antecedents and resilience. Using a cross-sectional study design, an online questionnaire was used to collect data from 390 university students in Pakistan. The finding based on Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) revealed that religious beliefs & practices of university students are positively related to resilience. Moreover, results also revealed that perceived supportiveness of work-life culture moderates the relationship between religious beliefs & practices, family support & relationship, the financial status of parents, parents' education, and resilience. These unique findings are supported by prominent theory (e.g., resilience theory), which provided new insights into resilience among university students. The study brings several significant policy findings, suggestions for future study avenues, and proposed theoretical and practical implications.

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