Measuring The Effectiveness Of Financial Poverty Alleviation: An Empirical Study Based On CFPS Data

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Bingxia Xu , Mingxia Wei , Brian Sheng-Xian Teo , Siti Khalidah Md Yoff


Based on the China Household Tracking Survey (CFPS) data, this study uses the difference-in-difference score method and the propensity score matching method to measure the degree of impact of financial poverty alleviation on the poverty alleviation effect of poor households in general and in regional location, respectively. The results of the study show that financial poverty alleviation significantly improves the livelihood level of poor households and increases the rate of poverty alleviation of poor households, and the effect of poverty alleviation is higher in the eastern region than in the central and western regions. Based on this, this study proposes corresponding policy recommendations to improve financial development in poor areas and promote the effective implementation of rural revitalization strategy.

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