The Impact Of 7Cs Of Communication Interaction On Effective Teaching Among Students Of Jordanian Universities

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Amani Mashhoor Al-Refai , Alaeddin Ahmad , Laura Wasim Akroush , Reem Suwan , Mohammad Sumadi


This research aims to study the impact of 7Cs of communication interaction on effective teaching among students of Jordanian Universities. Additionally, it seeks to examine the moderating role of the type of school. The research’s independent variables consist of 7Cs (care, confer, captivate, clarify, consolidate, challenge, and classroom management), while the dependent variable is represented by effective teaching. A quantitative method used a cross-sectional online research questionnaire to collect the primary data. A sample of (N=1244) respondents, who are students at Jordanian universities and using social media platforms, were selected. Therefore, a purposive sampling technique was used in this research. The result of this research confirms the impact of 7Cs of interaction on effective teaching among students of Jordanian Universities. This study provided useful data regarding the 7Cs of interaction and their impact on effective teaching, among students of Jordanian universities. Although this research has provided valuable insights into the area of this research. Future research is therefore required to extend these results in other geographical areas and among other students of different nationalities and countries.

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