Determinants Of Business Continuity Of Batik Smes In The Covid-19 Pandemic Conditions Through Marketing Performance As An Intervening: Case In Java Indonesia

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Aris Eddy Sarwono , Anita Trisiana , Fadjar Harimurti , Dina Lusianti , Mamik Indaryani , Nafi Inayati Zahro


This study aims to analyze the effect of e-marketing, product innovation and HR competence (human resources) on the sustainability of Batik SMEs in Java, Indonesia through moderating variables of marketing performance. This research was conducted in Java as the center of Batik SMEs in Indonesia. The respondents of this research are the owners of Batik SMEs. The sampling technique used was purposive sampling with a total of 93 respondents. The data analysis technique uses a structural Equation Model (SEM) with Partial Least Squares (PLS). The results showed that product innovation and HR competence had an effect on marketing performance, while e-marketing had no significant effect, while the test results also showed that e-marketing and HR competence had an effect on business continuity, but product innovation had no effect on business continuity. The test results with moderating variables show that marketing performance mediates the effect of product innovation and HR competence on business continuity, while marketing performance does not mediate the effect of e-marketing on business sustainability.

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