Researching Four Elements In Several Couplets Of Daulat Lawaani

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Javid Hameedi , Syed zaiur Rahman Banouri , Sayed Asghar Hashimi


In the poems of Pashto poets of Rokhani’s periods, Daulat Lawaani has mentioned four elements. The four elements (soil, water, air, and fire) have been discussed in philosophy, theosophy, religion, and Islam. In Pashto Language, philosophy and theosophy have relationships with philosophical concepts, therefore, sometimes the four elements have shared aspects with the Greeks and other philosophers. Humans are made of the mentioned four elements and there is nothing in the world that does not consist of one of the four elements. These items can harm and benefit human beings. When a human reaches the peak process, these elements can benefit them and when he/she goes out of the circle of humanity, these items can harm him/her. The value of the research is that from which aspects these four elements can be discussed according to the philosophy and theosophy. Is researching the four elements related to philosophy in Sufism and theosophy or not? The research is conducted keeping into consideration a specific method. First, books were read, notes were taken, critical thinking was joined with it, and analytical and descriptive method was used keeping into consideration a specific method. The topic was observed, divided into parts, organized, and written and a conclusion was drawn from it.

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