Researching The Philosophy Of Compulsion In One Quatrain Khushal's

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Shir Mohammad Ghaljai , Metra Darmel , Awrangzib Eshaq Zai


Khushal Khan is the best and leading poet and scholar among the poets of the Pashto language. His poems are related to various aspects of studies and many of his poems can be researched from various perspectives. His poems are related to philosophy, psychology, sociology, and other sciences. For example, researching the philosophy of compulsion in one of his quatrains can be presented as a good example of such aspects. In philosophical studies, the topic of force and choice is a problematic issue that has been discussed by holy religions, major cultures, great poets, scholars, and philosophers. He is one of the poets who has mentioned force and choice in his thoughts, he considers human the owner of force and choices. He neither accepts force nor considers humans obedient to force.

According to Islamic Studies, choice and compulsion are written in Louh-e-Mahfouz and when a human faces these two sides, every side is in the favor of humans, however, according to educational studies, human lives his/her life with social compulsion, psychological compulsion, cultural compulsion, religious compulsion, biological compulsion. When the poet becomes unable and can no longer tackle the problems of his life, at this time he considers life compulsory and involuntary. This part is available in the poems of some poets of the Pashto Language and the concept in Khushal Khan’s quatrain is a good example. The topic of compulsion and choice in the poems and poetry, particularly, in all the poems of Khushal Khan and most particularly, in one quatrain is a new subject which is its value, and that life sometimes becomes a compulsion, it is a new research regarding it. In the research, library research and explanatory and analytical methods have been used. 

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