The Role Of Modern Technology In The Development Of Stop Motion Puppet

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Mahmoud Attya Almahdi Hussein , Mohammad Mustafa Salem Al Smadi


This paper investigates the importance of modern technology in the development of puppetry. It is an endeavor to show the role of modern technology in reshaping the traditional art of puppetry. Moreover, this study aims to find solutions to some of the difficulties that traditional artists face in building dolls and models, whether for decoration or accompanying doll purposes. The researcher highlights the role of using modern technology in the field of digital printing of 3D object. For this purpose, the researcher conducts a practical experiment, describes it with pictures and provides detailed explanation. The findings reveal that the modern digital technology plays an important role in the development of stop motion puppet, and it provides solutions for traditional artists to overcome the difficulties they face in building dolls and models. Moreover, this study highlights the role that modern digital technology can play in the development of digital printing of 3D object.

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