Aspects Of Security Culture In The Thought Of King Abdullah II Bin Al-Hussein (1999-2020): Speeches From The Throne As A Source

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Shatha sakher


This study addresses the aspects of security culture in the thought of King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein, relying on the speeches from the Supreme Throne (1999–2020), which totalled 19 speeches and served as the primary source for this study. These speeches are particularly significant in several ways. They provide a forward-looking vision for the contours of future action at various levels, both internally and externally, and they track the state of Jordanian society and the Arab and Muslim nations by concentrating on fundamental issues that are essential to the stability of the region. This study used the exploratory approach, through the application of the content analysis method, and the deduction method to break down general thoughts into detailed ones. These thoughts were also re-examined in line with the study's objective. The study concluded a set of findings, the most important of which are the fields of security culture contained in the speeches from the Supreme Throne (1999-2020), which are: (the fields of individual humanitarian, development, the economy, law and judicial field, public services, environmental, media, reform, community participation, combating poverty and unemployment, military, the intellectual field, the regional field).

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