Patients And Their Families Satisfaction In Healthcare Services: A Conceptual Framework

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Neha Bansal , Dr. Mahabir Narwal


Healthcare is very crucial and growing industry where the patients and their families are the direct consumers of the services. The objective is to construct a conceptual and comprehensive model which is inclusive to comprehend and to determine factors affecting satisfaction of patients and their families in healthcare services. A total of 30 articles were studied for finding out the factors affecting satisfaction. Apart from the various medical, paramedical, pathological and administrative services it has been found that communication plays an imperative role, which in turn gear up the positive behaviors such as loyalty. The healthcare services need a continuous and regular monitoring for finding out the problematic areas and consequently initiating service delivery refinement to uphold elevated levels of patient and their families’ satisfaction. The originality of this study lies in the fact that apart from the satisfaction of patients, satisfaction of families is also reviewed.

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