Research On Rural Residential Design Based On Cological Energy-Saving Building Energy-Saving Technology

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Jian Hu , Zhihua Xu


Under the background of sustainable development, ecological and energy-saving building is a building system gradually developed under the continuous development of economic, cultural, scientific and technological social factors, environmental deterioration and the continuous improvement of people's living conditions. It has a significant impact on the resources and the environment due to the large number of buildings. Similarly, if eco-energy-efficient buildings want to effectively improve resource and environmental problems, they must be built in large quantities. Human beings themselves are also moving towards a high quality and a high standard of life, which are two contradictory aspects. Strengthening the construction of ecological and energy-saving buildings is one of the effective ways to solve this contradiction. The scientific concept of implementing architectural design is for ecological energy saving building, energy saving, land saving, comprehensive consideration and overall planning to add luster to the beautiful rural construction. Using the existing local materials and conditions, we can form ecological energy saving buildings with local characteristics. Traditional buildings are consistent with the current concept of ecological energy saving building, and there is a certain degree of interaction between the two. The strategies and methods to improve the adaptability of ecological energy saving building technology hope to provide some help to improve the adaptability of ecological energy saving building technology.

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