Analysis Of Influence Of Colourant And Firing Temperature On Self-Reduction Celadon Glaze

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Dai Bin ;Siti Suhaily Surip


The formation of traditional celadon is inseparable from the control of reduction atmosphere, which greatly increases the cost and affects the ecological balance. The self-reduction celadon glaze is prepared by adding a reduction material that can reduce the variable valence metal oxygen ions in the ceramic raw material, so as to achieve a firing technique,that not use of the reducing gas for reduction control. Although there are some reports about self-reduction porcelain technology, at present manufacturers have not carried out comprehensive research on self-reduction porcelain technology. This experiment based alkali raw lime glaze ( K2O - Al2O3 - CaO - SiO2 ),and imitated the ancient celadon glaze , in the oxidization atmosphere, celadon glaze was prepared by adding reducing agent into the basic glaze formula. On this basis,the colourant and firing temperature were used as variables to study the celadon glaze preparation process by reduction method and analyzed the change rule and reason of celadon glaze preparation.

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