Stress- Nature, Causes And Coping Mechanism In A Post-Pandemic Environment

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Mr. Anurag Mishra , Dr. K Thriveni Kumari


Stress is an unavoidable situation. It impacts our life and damages our relationships with others. It makes drastic changes in our behavior which creates psychosomatic condition. The unawareness of mind and body make people anxious. At workplace, it hampers employee’s productivity and increases team conflicts and unhealthy relationship. However, stress management can help to overcome stressful situation. At individual level self-awareness, problem-solving strategies, empathy, yoga and meditation techniques are beneficial practices which help our body to reduce the chances of heart disease and mental issues. By providing social support, healthy working environment, psychological trainings on stress and anger management makes employees to overcome and improve productivity. Due to current fearful situation of COVID-19, majority of people are feeling stressful. The present paper is focusing on the current problems of stress on individual and at work place. Critical examination has been done on previous models of stress and emphasizes has been made on the major symptoms of stress based on cognition, emotion, physical and behaviour. Further, the study has also provided suggestions for workplace stress coping strategies based on previous research works.

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