Impact Of Globalisation On Small Scale Industries In Punjab

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Ms. Sukhwinder Kaur , Dr. Vikramjit Kaur


Small Scale Industries (SSIs) are a flourishing and crucial monetary area. The capacity and significance of the SSI area has filled in a climate of quick monetary development, financial changes, and liberation of the economy. Globalization is the most common way of bringing the world’s nations and people groups nearer altogether of huge decreases in transportation and correspondence costs, just as the expulsion of fake boundaries to the progression of merchandise, administrations, capital, information, and (less significantly) individuals across borders. IN India, the decade of 1990s was marked by considerable deregulation of industrial economy through de licensing and de reservations, opening up the industrial sector to internal external competition, lowering of tariffs, removal of quantitative restrictions etc.This research paper outlines the impact of globalisation on the MSME industries of the Punjab (India) in terms of production, marketing, finance & government policies. The Analysis of study based on primary data.

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