Online Digital Payment- Journey From Awareness To Satisfaction

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Dr. Amit Verma , Dr. Ambika Sharma


In Online Digital Payment internet is used to for the payment where the first party doing the payment and second who receive the payment, it is also known as electronic payment. The transaction taking place between both the parties is cashless, it means no cash is involved digital payments and all the payments are made online. Payments are made in instant and convenient manner. The objective of the research study is to determine the preferences of customer among users of Digital payment, to measure the customer level of satisfaction for the services of Digital payment and improving the awareness. Primary data is collected from the 100 customers and convenience sampling method is adopted for sampling to determine the awareness and level of satisfaction with digital payments. For the purpose of research study Lucknow District of Uttar Pradesh, India has been taken by the researcher. Percentage Method and Fried man rank test are used to analyze the data.

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