Knowledge Management Of Tourism Element (5a’s) For Support Health Tourism In The Eastern Economic Corridor: EEC

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Prasat Niyom , Rungnapa Lertpatcharapong , and Ponrpat Intaravorraphat


The objectives of the research are as follows: 1. To study the problem and barriers of knowledge management on the tourism element of health tourism for support the development of the Eastern Economic Corridor. 2.To develop a model of knowledge management on tourism elements for the support the health tourism by value added of cultural wisdom to promote the development of the Eastern Economic Corridor. The qualitative research: the key informants were executives of government and business tourism agencies. The research instrument used a semi-structured interview form. The quantitative research: the population and the sample were Thai tourists in the Eastern Economic Corridor. The research tool was a research survey.
The research results were as follows: The government; the national level and the ministry level; have clearly formulated policies to promote health tourism. At the provincial level; the available resources of health tourism were diverse. The opinions of tourists were based on five elements of tourism; arranged in order as follows: 1. Am eentities2. Accommodation 3. Attraction 4. Activities and 5. Accessibility. The activities of the Wellness Tourism had 4 categories: 1. Healthy food and beverages. 2. Thai massage and spa 3. Exercise and 4. Mental development. The guidelines for driving the Wellness Tourism in the Eastern Economic Corridor; It should be developed on holistic development with the EEC 4D

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